Workshop with Professor Ruth Lister

2023.1108Workshop with Prof essor Ruth Lister

Date and Time : November 8th (Wed.), 2023. From 3pm to 6pm
Theme: Feminism, Citizenship and Poverty
Meeting Room: SK119 at Karasuma Campus of Doshisha University

Contents of discussion: Students and scholars will discuss how they are influenced by Professor Lister’s works. Some will discuss her theory of citizenship and others will focus on her works on poverty. All are interested in her feminist arguments. We are looking forward to listening to Professor Lister’s comments and responses.

Chair: Satomi Maruyama (Kyoto University)
Discussants: Mina Endo (Waseda University),Yayo Okano (Doshisha University), Aika Okamoto (a graduate student of Education, Hokkaido University)
Students at the Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
Comment by Prof. Emeritus. Ruth Lister, Member of the House of Lords, Loughborough University

Co-hosted by Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
Feminist Gender, Sexuality Studies Center, Doshisha University
Asian Research Center for the Intimate and Public Spheres, Kyoto University
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B) 23H03654 “Constructing a New Theory of the State through Feminist Theory: Reconceptualization of the Concepts of Care and Security”
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A)21H0440403 “Child-Family Poverty
and Policy/Practice”

About participation: No pre-registration is required.
For further details, please contact the office of GSGS:

*All participants are expected to join the discussion in English.